Gangi Dante

Our passion, assisted by qualified personnel Sicilian results in authentic flavors of Sicily: Sicily in your kitchens.

The farm is located in the heart of Sicily, in Tudia, 7 Km away from Resuttano. We translated our passion for the plants, herbs and scents of Sicily into our mission in protecting Sicilian medicinal plants and caring for the environment.
Our farm, BIO certified in 1999, has an extensive experience in the selection of medicinal plants. We combine local traditional farming with modern techniques for sustainable production, safeguarding of soil fertility and produce seasonality.
Our products are the result of years of careful selection, passion for the land, love for good taste. Sicily with all its flavours is the key to our work. We produce medicinal plants and wheat; we breed pedigree cows. Our aromatic herbs include : Oregano, Chilli pepper, Rosemary, Sage, Wild Fennel, Thyme, Bay leaves and Lavender. Our produce is available in a variety of packaging, from small bunches to dispensers, and we also created ready-to-use mixes of herbs to season our dishes, like spaghetti, meat, potatoes and fish. Finally, our award winning Oregano honey is organic and unique in its kind.

Our passion, supported by qualified Sicilian staff, creates authentic Scents of Sicily: Sicily in a packet.