Le farine dei nostri sacchi

A story of goodness gluten.

Founded in 2008 as a family company, it has grown to a small-medium size factory within a relatively large industrial complex while retaining the original familiar structure and producing basically “hand crafted” and “artisanal” inspired products. Nowadays it is the second large company in Sicily with an official license issued by the “Ministero della Salute” (Italian Health Ministry) to produce, sell and distribute Gluten-Free products and Gluten-Free pre-mixed ready make flour mix.

As a result of a constant effort to investigate and experiment new mix, the company can now offer 18 different mixes, each single one perfectly calibrated to obtain a single product, either according to industrial processing or following the traditional “hand crafted” and home-made or “artisanal” preparation.

The company has progressively tested a variety of cereals and a large number of recipes, in order to differentiate the nutritional and caloric content of the final products. In this manner the company can offer each gluten-free consumer a variety of products to meet personal requirements.

The company has always met the highest quality standards and the most stringent safety conditions throughout the entire production process, following the fundamental rule of selecting only basic ingredients of the highest quality on the market.

More recently special attention has been dedicated also to organic products, in order to meet specific desires of a growing market of attentive consumers.