F.lli Madonia

For three generations, selecting the best oils in respect of olive oil Sicilian tradition.

Created by Mauro Madonia, the company is located in San Mauro Castelverde, in the province of Palermo, on a hill from here you looked so beautiful scenery of the Aeolian Islands.

Mauro sin youth shows great talent and an ability to select and sell the best oils obtained from local cultivars (Biancolilla, Ogliarola, Giarraffa), and especially by a cultivated area in San Mauro Castelverde called “U Crastu” which is characterized by the excellent acidity and the high proportion of polyphenols. Acquired the necessary exsperience, in the early 40’s, creates the first individual named “Madonia Mauro”. Later will be managed and transformed by the heirs in “Madonia Brothers Rosario and Mario” and then “Madonia s.r.l.”.
For three generations we select the best oils in respect of oil Sicilian tradition.
It creates brand products “Madonia” sold successfully in Itali and abroad, thanks to good quality and its unique and unmistakable flavor.

From the word “Goodnes” is synonymous with quality and prestige, but for us it is a business philosophy, a distinguishing feature that accompanies us since 1911, or the desire to offer our customers every day the goodniss of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of high quality.
From the unmistakable taste intense and full of fruity aromas, the Olive Oil Madonia is one of the main foods of the Mediterranean diet, not only because of its valuable organoleptic quality, but especially for the role it plays in preserving health through a low in acid.
In addition to its olives, in Sicly have enabled supply channels that draw on the best productions of Nocellara, Biancolilla, Ogliarola, etc. Our attention has focused towards those producers who have developed techniques of cultivation and control of the chain of absolute quality. All phases of cultivation (by pruning the collection) are monitored with professionalism and competence so that the yield is the best quality possible. The collection is done by hand between November and January, put into wicker baskets and taken to the mill business day. The next step is the cold milling, in which the olives, washed carefully selected and are subject to the mechanics of stone grinders, the mixing and ends in extraction of oil, which is to precipitate in steel tanks for a few weeks before being bottled.
All these operations take place under the careful supervision of techical experts that will ensure that the extraction process takes place in full compliance with quality standards.
Quality control of a green Extra Virgin Olive Oil Madonia is the most important step that occurs through the visual assessment, examining olfactory and gustatory.
– Appearance assesses the color in her tone and reflexes.
– The smell will evaluate the intensity, finesse and persistence.
– Taste assesses the roundness and body.
Only after passing these are controlled oil is bottled and offered for sale.
A research laboratory to the internal controls and conduct experiments aimed at the continuous development of oil brand Madonia.