There is nothing more evocative than the sea and capturing its best produce is an extremely intriguing experience.
Anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus) are an authentic culinary delicacy more so when they are crafted and handled by experienced hands in a truly meticulous artisan manner.

“Speed” is the key concept when salting fresh anchovies, we are aware that every minute that goes by between the capturing of the fish and it’s first transformation phase is the most vital for flavour and fragrance preservation of this extraordinary specimen.

The “slow ageing” in barrels of the salted anchovies, is of contrast to the speedy first phases of the transformation process, opposite concepts that find completion in a product of excellence that expresses single handedly all of its potential, if of course favourable micro-climate, artisanal care and timing are all equally respected.

Talatta anchovies are elaborated following the most authentic of artisanal traditions, as well as implementing a rigorous quality control system.

To date the company can rely on two production plants of a total 30.000sqm of which 6.000sqm are undercover, strategically based in proximity of the fishing areas. A plant of modern conception certify under IFS, BRC and ISO 22000 that allow the highest levels of food handling security.