Terravecchia Legumi

The best selections of legumes.

The Terravecchia family since the 50s is known in Sicily for the production of chickpea flour.
For thirty years in the role of recruiters packers and pulses distributors, it is a reality in the panorama of the Sicilian distribution, proudly carried on by a new generation of willing women, with the support and experience of family.

After the statement of the selection of legumes ” I Buoni dei Campi ”, the family has developed the idea to re-evaluate the Sicilian agricultural production excellence that were in danger of disappearing forever, giving birth to the Sun line and Taste of Sicily, aware that the selection may represent a gastronomic level in the world, this wonderful island through its smells, its fragrances and flavors. In recent years the increase in vegetable protein consumption has led the company in the month of April 2017 to launch a 100% flour dough line ” leguminous vegetables kneads ” and to meet the demands of ready meals consumption by consumers, a line of branded bean soups Welcome to Sicily, with grandmother’s recipes respecting the ancient Sicilian cuisine.