Bibite Polara, soft drinks in sicily for over 60 years

Bibite Polara produces beverages and soft drinks in Sicily since 1953.
The history of Bibite Polara has become for over 60 years one of the three most important beverage realities in Sicily and among the top ten in Italy.
It offers to the customers soft drinks of high quality that express the genuineness of the selected ingredients, the tradition of the ancient artisanal recipes , using modern and efficient plants that can guarantee technical security and distributive efficaciousness.
Peppino Polara started up his firm in Modica at the beginning of the 50’s producing his first soft drink: the lemon “gassosa”, in the traditional codd bottle.

The production system was artisanal and the distribution in wood boxes door to door was limited in Modica.
During the following years Polara extended his offer of soft drinks and introduced in the local market also Chinotto, Orangeade, Spuma and Coke, keeping the bottles in glass but using the modern crown cap.
The new phase of the company started in the 80’s and 90’s and coincided with the hands over to the present Polara management that with courage transformed the full system with technicals and distributives plants to give to the company an industrial dimension, reposition of the brand name and challenge the competitors in a market dominated by the multinational companies.

The 2010 is an important year in which is launched the “Antica Ricetta Siciliana” , the “vintage” line of soft drinks in glass of 27.5 cl (Gassosa, Spuma, Chinotto, Cedrata, Red Orangeade, Tonic Water, Lemonade and Orangeade) produced with raw materials of high quality and processed as the original recipes of the Sicilian traditon.

A line designed exclusively for the ho.re.ca to propose to the customers the natural excellence of the past with his secrets, technicals and dosages mixed with the ability of Polara family from the beginning of his story. The bottles in glass of the line “Antica Ricetta Siciliana” are decorated with an elegant vintage label that characterizes the line for uniqueness and style.

In the 2016 with the hands over to the third generation , the company launched a further innovation with the line of soft drinks Premium “Chioschì”.
Born by the idea to rediscover and propose the typical soft drinks of the drinks sicilian stalls, that refresh the Sicilians in the warm summer days, has been designed the Tangerines, Green Tangerine and Lemon Tangerine, followed by the traditional tastes, but that exalt the best of Sicily production, soft drinks with high content of juice and high controlled quality , as Orangeade with juice of Orange of Ribera PDO ; Red Orangeade with juice of red orange of Sicily PGI; Gassosa with infusion of lemon of Siracusa PGI

Nowadays Bibite Polara is a modern agricultural and food reality that has won the most difficult challenge: achieve more visibility on the modern sicilian and southern shelves and great success beyond the Italian borders conquering the confidence of International markets and more than 20 states as northern Europe, Usa, and Asia, keeping the others qualitatives standards to offer soft drinks of high quality, obtained by raw selected materials, respecting the tradition and the ancient sicilian recipes.